Hey there, my name is Kazakuri and I really like Tenka Adachi from Shoujo Ramune. Back in February 2019, I discovered that one of my favourite English speaking artists was taking commissions. Up until that point, I was never really sure what to use as a profile picture on websites. Usually I would use fan art of one my other favourite characters, such as Kud from Little Busters or Illya from the Fate series. Though my Twitter profile always a screenshot of Hanada Yasutaka from Plastic Memories. I wanted to change that, so I shook off my nerves and worked up enough courage to DM that artist and request a commission. A few short weeks later and I ended up with an adorable picture of Tenka that was mine to use all across the web. I was absolutely in love with this image and I would always find myself going back to stare at it all the time. In fact, I love it so much that I simplified the image and put it on a pair of shoes!

At first, I thought that would have been good enough. But towards the end of that year I started to think about Christmas and how I would switch to a more Christmas themed avatar on some websites. After once again fighting off a bout of anxiety, I sent off another commission for a festive image of Tenka. Not too long after that, I had became interested in commission more fanart and fell completely down the rabbit hole. I discovered Skeb back in May of 2019 through a tweet made by Kagono Tori, and even though I thought the idea of being able to commission Japanese artists was really cool, I wasn't particularly interested in more commissions back then. After becoming more interested in commissions I went back to Skeb and started to look around a bit.

One of the first profiles I stumbled upon was one of my all time favourite artists, Bonyuu Cheese no Natsu. They draw a ton of really cute Illya pictures, and I even have a copy of their C95 doujinshi. I spent days thinking about what to ask for and mulling over my mediocre Japanese language skills, but I was finally able to send the request. I don't know how to express the overwhelming excitement I felt when they even just accepted the request, much less when it was delivered. I've commissioned a ton of amazing art since that, but I don't know if anything will ever match how I felt after that one.

I continued from there, sending requests out for whatever ideas came to mind, and fast forward to today, and I'm one of the top ranked requesters on Skeb and I'm still discovering new and amazing artists to commission and cheer on.


Skeb's appeal system is fantastic for someone like me. I get anxious pretty easily, so asking someone to draw Tenka can sometimes be a monumental task. Being from a hentai game, Tenka isn't exactly a well known or popular character, so it feels a bit weird to request art of her. Plus there's an extra zone of uncertainty around paying someone to draw art of a character you don't know the rights to. The appeal system really helps me overcome those worries, since if the artist looked at my profile at all before sending the appeal then it probably means they want to draw Tenka.

Sending repeated requests to the same artist has always felt a bit awkward for me. Tenka isn't a character that they particularly like, and I don't want to end up filling their Skeb profile with my selfish requests. That said, if an artist expresses interest in drawing more images of Tenka for me, I'll always happily throw more money at them. To be honest, I'm actually a little bit proud of some of the artists that have sent appeals to me.

That said, please send an appeal on Skeb or a DM over on Twitter if you're reading this and want to draw Tenka!