Natsu is one of my favourite artists of all time, all of their Illya art is fantastic. Naturally, getting the chance to commission some art from them is a chance I couldn't waste. The illustration I received is way too cute, and it captures Tenka's drive to become a top idol perfectly.

Overall, the price of the commission was a lot more comparable to what I'd expect for artwork this stunning. The entire process took less than a week from start to finish. Unlike all of my previous commissions, this one was just a one-shot process of specifying the request text and getting the image result, since that’s how the Skeb platform works.


Please draw Shoujo Ramune's Tenka Adachi in Bonyuu Cheese no Natsu Sensei's style. I'd love it if you could draw her with the feeling of being an adorable idol!

Since the origin of the character is NSFW I've taken some screenshots of her.
Thank you very much!