When I first received the notification about this commission, I felt conflicted and confused about the result. Skeb doesn't really have much of a concept of displaying multiple images in a request, so the site only shows a single image. The picture that appears on Skeb and when you downloaded the file is the first image of Tenka with her hands behind her head, and while it is an adorable image, it isn't what I asked for in my request. I only looked at it for a moment after waking up before jumping into the shower, so I had a bit of time to process it some more. The 「差分おります」 message in the image had me confused, but I guessed that it meant something like "variations", sort of how you'd see other images with slightly different facial expressions or levels of clothing. I always end up downloading and opening up the raw file anyway, even though it's usually just a simple single-layer PSD, but the possibility of variations made me even more curious. 

As a result, I end up opening up the PSD file thinking that maybe there was a second layer with the Archer outfit instead of her normal clothing and it shocked me to discover two more entirely unique images within the file! I would have been more than satisfied with just the dual-wielding image like that, but getting an image of Tenka in her normal outfit and a more lewd pose in the Archer outfit was something else.


Nice to meet you, Ponpon!

If it's okay with you, I'd like to ask you to draw Tenka Adachi from Shoujo Ramune!

In the image, Tenka-chan is wearing Chloe's Archer-class combat outfit!

A cool dual-wielding pose would be great, but I think she should also be a bit embarrassed!

I'd be happy if you could draw that for me.

Thank you very much!