The day that I requested this piece of art from piyopoyo was actually the same day that I started following them on both Twitter and Pixiv. A user left them a message on an anonymous comment site that went something like "You're seriously charging ¥30,000 for a single picture, are you kidding me?" and it created a huge buzz on Twitter because of her reply to it. She was very apologetic about it and ended up cutting their price in half on Skeb. As a result, a ton of people were vocal about giving their support and trying to improve her mood.

Lucky for me, I saw another artist retweet piyopoyo's reply, so I saw all the drama that happened and appreciated their art for the first time. One thing that I always tell people when I talk about all the art I've commissioned is that it always feels like the amount the artists are asking for isn't nearly high enough considering the results I've gotten in return. So it was an obvious step for me to make a request on Skeb to show my support.

I rarely talk about the specific price I pay for each commission in these posts, but it's usually higher than their recommended price on Skeb and then I'll give them even more with Skeb’s boost feature after they deliver the image. Since the initial thing that helped me discover piyopoyo's art was an anonymous user complaining about the price and piyopoyo lowering her price as a result, I figured I should at least mention that the request I sent them was for ¥30,000 since I don’t think she was wrong when trying to calculate a price to charge for her art. In fact, reflecting on it, I should have offered more considering the quality of image I received.


Nice to meet you, piyopoyo!

I discovered you through that 30,000 Marshmallow message and immediately fell in love with your art!

If you'd like, I want to ask you to draw Tenka Adachi from Shoujo Ramune!

The theme of this illutration is "Tenka-chan and the Koi dance"!

I think that this illustration from hexiaosa captures the pose and facial expression that I'd like perfectly.

I'm fine with any clothing so I'll leave that and other details up to you.

I've uploaded some screenshots of Tenka below.

I'd be happy if you could draw this for me!

Thank you very much!