This is the first time that I've commissioned something that's entirely pornographic and despite Tenka's eroge origin, it was a quite the embarrassing process. Kiyozou posted on Twitter about how she has only received requests for wholesome images so far and that she was becoming a wholesome artist, so I felt encouraged to request something less wholesome.

Just like last time, I'm incredibly impressed with the level of detail that went into the commission. I mentioned the bed in my request, but both the window and the phone taking her picture while she poses are wonderful touches. If I had one complaint to make, it's that their 8,000 yen recommended price is way too low for the wonderful art they always deliver. I think next time I'll to request them to draw their OC in a cute pose though, since I'd feel bad if I filled their Skeb log with just Tenka…


Since you tweeted about only receiving requests for wholesome images I want a lewd one this time!

Just like last time, please draw Tenka Adachi from Shoujo Ramune!

This time, I want her to be masturbating on the bed wearing only a zip-up hoodie like Kuran-chan! Though make sure that her leg or hand is blocking the view between her legs.

Thank you very much!