Having sent this request back in January, this commission has definitely had the longest turnaround time thus far, but oh man was it worth it. For some reason the artist has their recommended price set to ¥5,000 which is insanely low considering the quality of art I received. I always send my requests with a little bit over their recommended price, but with how impressed I am with this illustration I ended up tipping for more than the initial request charge.

I'm a huge fan of Yukimi-san's eyes and this pair is no exception. Combining that with a slight blush and you have quite the incredible expression. The other thing I love about their artwork has been the hair, especially the bangs. It's a bit troublesome to me though because I can't stop gushing about the face even though the rest of the image has a cat lingerie and an adorable tummy!

I'm definitely feeling a little bit eager to go off and request more catigrl Tenka images though... Maybe this time I'll make sure to ask for a black cat.


Hello Satsuki Yukimi-san!

I'd like to ask you to draw Tenka Adachi from Shoujo Ramune!

The scenario is that Tenka-chan has turned into a catgirl!

I think a flushed expression and a cat's paw pose would look nice. Any cute clothes would work, but I think that famous pair of cat lingerie would be great.

I'll leave it up to you!

Thank you very much!