One of my favourite doujinshi of all time is Kurona's Unohana, a particularly gruesome doujinshi famous for a scene involving Uzuki from Kantai Collection and a burning hot lightbulb. Naturally, that means getting the chance to commission artwork from Kurona is a pretty big deal to me.

Generally speaking, I haven't really doven all that deep into commissioning R-18 artwork, but I wanted something that really felt like the tried and true Kurona experience. Since I wasn't requesting a NSFW commission there's quite a bit of restraint to be had with what could be drawn in the picture and I think Kurona did a really amazing job with the artwork.

The raised foot was something I wasn't thinking about at all, but it way it's blocking the view of the upskirt adds a further level of teasing to the recipient of those toys by making it seem possible that Tenka isn't wearing anything underneath her outfit. Everything else about the image is superb and I really think it captures everything that I love about Kurona and their art.


Nice to meet you, Kurona!

I'd like to ask you to draw Tenka Adachi from Shoujo Ramune!

The theme is a super sadistic Tenka-chan!

Her expression should be a little bit yandere like.

In her hands, Tenka should be holding things like handcuffs or a toy tail.

I'll leave any other details up to you!

Thank you very much!