Uta draws a ton of lewd artwork featuring a ton of different fetishes that I'm quite fond of, especially when they're paired with my favourite girl from the [email protected] series, Tachibana Arisu. Like I mentioned before, I haven't really commissioned a whole lot in term of 100% NSFW art yet, so I tried to keep my request within those same bounds.

I kept my request fairly simple to give Uta a ton of freedom because they have a ton of incredible art and I'd honestly be pretty happy with anything that they'd add to it. The final image is absolutely incredible and way more than I was ever hoping for. Though, the person in the bottom corner is using a Tenga toy on themselves and I couldn't help but make myself laugh by questioning why they'd want to use a Tenga when they have a Tenka in front of them.


Nice to meet you, Yaneko Uta!

I'd like to ask you to draw Tenka Adachi from Shoujo Ramune.

For the image, Tenka-chan is gagged and tied down to a chair while still clothed.

I'll leave any other details up to you.

Thank you very much!