The theme of this illustration is one that I've wanted to request for such a long time, but it feels really difficult to request since it relies a lot on the background scenery to create a really nice atmosphere.

Thankfully for me, Ponyaru has uploaded quite a few illustrations to Pixiv that have backgrounds with exquisite detail, and on the Twitter they mention that ¥6,000 is the base price for a plain white background, and their recommended price (or more, if you'd like) is for an illustration with a background.

Since everything seemed to have lined up perfectly with Ponyaru, I decided to give this request a shot. To put it lightly, it feels like they completely knocked it out of the park with this illustration. The classroom has plenty of detail, I love the outside scenery and how the light is shining through the window, and Tenka's expression creates the perfect atmosphere.

Tenka's school uniform looks like it's the same as the outfit she wears on stage during her idol performance in the OVAs, which is more than okay with me. I love the colours in that outfit so much after all.


Nice to meet you, Ponyaru!

I'd like to ask you to draw Tenka Adachi from Shoujo Ramune.

Tenka-chan is in the classroom alone after school, she's at her desk looking out the window.

She looks like she's lost in thought with her head resting on her hand.

In the series there isn't really any sort of uniform, so any cute uniform is fine.

Thank you very much!