I've talked about Skeb's appeal feature in other posts already, but the gist of it is that it allows creators to seek out clients instead of it always being the other way around. Just like the last couple of times I've received appeals, I was more than happy to request Tenka artwork from an artist that I probably wouldn't have discovered or requested from otherwise.

Since Kishibe Chome proclaims themself as a FGO artist, I figured I would add a Fate series spin to my request. That means that we get to see Tenka cosplaying as Saber in her Archer swimsuit from FGO!


Nice to meet you, Kishibe Chome!

Thank you for the appeal!

I'd like to ask you to draw Tenka Adachi from Shoujo Ramune.

In the image Tenka-chan is cosplaying in Artoria's Archer swimsuit from FGO! A plain background is fine.

I'll leave the other details up to you.

Thank you very much!