This request isn’t a part of the initial set of NSFW Tenka-chan illustrations that I mentioned before, but I’ve started requesting a lot more lewd images, so there will be a lot more blurry thumbnails to come. Tenka’s first sex scene is probably my favourite lewd scene in the Shoujo Ramune anime, so I sort of wanted to recreate that feel with this request. It surprised me to see Tenka-chan from two different angles in the image, but they’re both adorable and it really looks like she’s enjoying herself in it.


Nice to meet you, TAKU!

Thank you for the appeal!

The situation:

  • She's pressed up against the wall from behind.
  • Standing anal sex from behind.
  • It's fine if she's naked.
  • Her expression is teary-eyed because of how much it hurts.
  • That said, she's about to cum because it feels so good.

I'll leave the other details up to you.