Ichio is another artist who draws a ton of incredible Prisma Illya images and doujinshi. For this request, I went with Chloe’s beast outfit since he has drawn that outfit plenty of times before. Originally I had requested another artist to draw Tenka-chan in Illya’s beast outfit too, but that didn’t end up working out.

Going back to this illustration, I really love how it turned out. The pose puts a nice focus on her ass, and it was a pleasant surprise to find a difference with the bottom of the outfit taken off. I’m not sure if character cosplaying in other character’s outfits is something that artists like to draw, but I really enjoy Tenka-chan getting to cosplay like this.


Nice to meet you, Ichio!

I'd like to ask you to draw Tenka Adachi from Shoujo Ramune.

In the image, Tenka-chan is wearing Chloe's beast mode outfit!

I'd be happy if you could draw her in a bit of a lewd pose.

I'll leave the other details up to you.

Thank you very much!