Since the last time I featured Natsu here, I requested art of Illya-chan peeing from her! I feel like it can be bothersome if I’m always requesting Tenka-chan illustrations from an artist, so I wanted to request Natsu’s favourite character too. Besides, I love Illya too, so I don’t mind requesting art of her.

I’m used to receiving appeals now. The number of them has gone up since I’ve gotten closer to the top of the “Request Master” list, but receiving an appeal for Natsu wanting to draw Tenka was a little surreal to me. I love Natsu’s art and I have a lot of fun interacting with her on Twitter, so I’m more than happy to support her and request more art from her.

Natsu surprised me by tweeting the school swimsuit variation to me, since I wasn’t expecting any variations at all! Though now I wonder if something weird is happening with the PSD file or something, since I would have expected it to be there.


Tenka-chan wants to wear a swimsuit!

Please and thank you!