Hey there! Since Christmas is coming up I'm looking to commission an image of my favourite character wearing something more festive to use as a profile picture on Twitter and a few other sites.

The character is Tenka Adachi (足立甜花) from the visual novel / hentai animation Shoujo Ramune (小女ラムネ). I've collected a few screenshots (all SFW) of her here.

I'm not too fixated on anything specific for her outfit or pose, but it'd be great to have her in a more playful/teasing style. I think a pose similar to this one would be great.

Outfit-wise I don't think you can really go wrong with a classic santa hat. It might even be possible to sneak in her pink cube hair accessory along the white trim at the bottom, sort of like the bows in the art I linked above.
Other than that, a fairly simple outfit would be more than good enough. Maybe something like this that can show off her tummy a bit.

I'm not the best at explaining things so if you need more to go off of or have any other questions then please feel free to ask away ^^